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  1. Death in Camp Delta

    On June 9th, 2006, three detainees died inside the Guantanamo detention camp. The prison authorities said that the detainees had taken their own lives. The…

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    Different media apperances I’ve been invited to :   1, En debatt jeg har med en ekstrem politiker (FrP)  i NRK*194634 2, En debatt…

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    “Links to organisations, journalism and other objectives I find important”: MORE TO COME … ..

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    Director, author, journalist Erling Borgen, Oslo – Norway Married to Agnete G. Haaland, Actor Children: Julianne Borgen, 16 and Jakob Borgen, 14 Education: High School,…

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    Documentary filmmaker, journalist and author,Erling Borgen, is in charge of the only production house in Scandinavia, making documantaries only about human rights issues and art…

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