Documentary filmmaker, journalist and author,Erling Borgen, is in charge of the only production house in Scandinavia, making documantaries only about human rights issues and art and culture.
Since 1999 Borgen Production AS, based in Oslo, Norway, has produced 38 documentaries. All aired on national and international TV-channels. These documentaries are based on extensive resarch, and confronts the power. The films have exposed the Norwegian arms industry, the Norwegian oil-industry and a Norwegian company working with 700 men at the Guantanamo base. The documentary “A little piece of Norway”, about Norway at war, is the most disputed documentary in Norway ever.
It was censored after intervention from the Norwegian secret service. It was later aired on the biggest commercial channel in Norway. Many of the documentaries have won international prizes.
Erling Borgen has worked as journalist for nearly 40 years. In total he has produced and directed 80 documentaries. All his documentaries are aired on TV. Many of them internationally. He has made 6000 news-items for Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) He has written nine books and two plays for theatre.

He has won the award as the best journalist in Norway and has won major national and international media- and human rights awards. He is lecturing about journalism and investigative techniques  – and he writes articles in the Norwegian daily, Dagsavisen.