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  4. The quest for Madonna

    The documentary is an exiting search for one of the main paintings of the Norwegian painter, Edvard Munch.The world famous Madonna. Munch painted five different…

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  5. The bitter taste of tea

    This documentary tells the story of how poor workers in countries like Kenya, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and India are picking tea for multinational companies being…

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  6. The ambassador

    This is a documentary about war, terror and lies. The former US ambassadør to Iraq, John Negroponte, has a dark history when it comes to…

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  7. The prisoner from Azerbaijan

    This documentary tells the horrifying story about how the Aliev-regime in Azerbaijan has prohibited freedom of speech. The regime does not accept opposition. An editor…

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  8. Oppgjørets time

    Norge kjøper klimakvoter som de trekker fra det offisielle norske klimaregnskapet.Flere klimaforskere har kalt dette avlat i klimaets navn. I denne filmen reiser vi ut…

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  9. Et lite stykke Norge

    En norsk våpenfabrikk utenfor Drammen leverer høyeksplosivene til samtlige Hellfire-raketter som produseres i verden. Det er bakgrunnen for tittelen. Dette “et lite stykke Norge” sørger…

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  10. A Heart That Never Dies

    A TV series in 6 episodes about courage and human rights Journalists, lawyers, political activists, human rights organizers and others are daily fighting an almost…

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